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Creating a Work Culture That Attracts Diversity

Every organization, at one time or another, will struggle with fixing age-old problems that just seem to be a continual roadblock. From budget shortages, IT issues, to missed project deadlines, there’s always something. And, unfortunately, your team just can’t seem to fix them.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Of course, this is what many leaders and executives have to do. With a small team or limited resources, there’s only so many ways to approach a problem.

But what if, through your hiring process, you could introduce new solutions to old problems and create a culture of diversity?

Why Hire in the Name of Diversity?

One of the often overlooked ways to deal with recurring struggles and to improve productivity, profits, and ideas is to hire a diverse team. Of course, the corporate definition of “diversity” has gotten a bad rap in recent years.

Diversity doesn’t have to mean hiring someone based on their race, ethnicity, or gender, as many people often assume. Instead, your organization could adopt the idea that diversity is hiring people who have different approaches to age-old corporate problems.

Diversity could mean hiring:

  • A new college graduate with tons of technical know-how but no corporate experience
  • A new mother who understands the client base well
  • Someone from another country who has worked in a similar field
  • Freelancers or consultants who know the industry best
  • An experienced employee who is changing careers

There are so many potential employees that a company could benefit from if they look at hiring from the perspective of “new blood.” What could a fresh set of eyes do for your bottom line, your marketing, your IT? Diversity doesn’t have to mean filling a quota; it should mean diversifying the approaches and solutions your team can produce.

Three Ways Diversity Improves Company Culture

By adopting the “fresh eyes” approach to your hiring process, imagine how much your team, division, or entire company could benefit. With new answers to old problems, your team could:

  • Create new processes that speed up productivity
  • Come up with new ways to connect with consumers
  • Advance technology in the office
  • Generate new ideas for products, services, etc.
  • Connect with whole new markets and audiences
  • Innovate how your business grows in an increasingly digital world

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By focusing on hiring the people who will keep your company “fresh,” you’ll also attract the best candidates in your industry. People want to work for a company that respects their unique skills and that wants to hear new ideas. The benefits to attracting highly-qualified candidates are countless, and executives know the power in attracting the best of the best.

But how do you kickstart this diversity in your own organization?

It all starts when you evaluate the problems your team just can’t seem to solve and then choosing employees that could provide a new outlook. Experience or no experience, there are many people out there who have the skills and insights you need right now.

In no time, you’ll see changes in your team or in your employees that will later translate to increased profit, business growth, and more. It all starts with who you hire.

Carl is a business psychologist and leadership development expert who focuses on the development of high performance leaders.

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